Tucked away 80km from the Shimane Peninsula,
Lies a natural wonder far, far from your city
Where only the waves and wind can take you to.

Beyond a single window frame
spans beauty far and wide;
Earth - In its natural state,
As it had been thousands of years ago.
Listen, and you can hear,
The melodic hum of sea waves,
Beckoning you as they dance
and crash against each other;
Birds harmonizing with a ferry’s whistle;
Whispers of rustling tree leaves among
A chorus of laughter from the townspeople.

This is Ama Town of Oki Islands.
A tiny magnificent place in the Sea of Japan.
Where you may not find everything,
But discover all that matters.

A wondrous journey of natural beauty
Will soon be available at your home away from home;
Entô: A safe haven to stay at that sits within
The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.


The main building is open for business (April – May 2021)
before the hotel’s official launch in July 2021.

* The hotel is closed during June 2021

For Media

To media personnel, you may download
our press release here.
For media inquiries or interviews regarding Entô,
please email or call us at:

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Tel : 08514-2-1000


Oki Islands is made up of 2 main regions called ‘Dōzen’ and ‘Dōgo’.
Entô is located on Dōzen, which became a caldera 6 million years ago due to
volcanic activity. As a result of Earth’s powerful natural phenomenon, a place of
magnificent landscape and views was born. Dōzen’s 3 islands - Nakanoshima,
Nishinoshima, and Chiburijima - surround its very own inland sea. These 3 islands
are part of the volcano’s outer rim, and the gentle inland sea was formed due to
sea water flowing in and filling up the sunken part of the caldera.



Entô’s roots come from ‘Ryokusuien’, a locally run holiday inn
that opened in 1971. It expanded in 1994 and was renamed as
‘Marine Port Hotel AMA’. Since then, the main building and
the annex (Ryokusuien) have continued business as a hotel.
Recently, together with the decision to renovate the main building,
it was also decided that the annex would be rebuilt as a completely
new building. Thus, Entô was born.

375-1 Fukui, Oki-gun, Ama, Shimane
3-min walk from Hishiura Port
(Ama Town, Oki Islands)
Building Area:
Approximately 5666.21m²
Structure (New Building):
Wooden construction / Using CLT
(Cross Laminated Timber)
Scale (New Building):
2 Stories, 1 Basement Level
18 rooms (New Building),
18 rooms (Main Building)
Open for business:
July 2021
Owned by:
Ama Inc.
Lendlease Japan Inc
Architecture by:
VI / Naming:
Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Construction by:
Joint venture between MAEDA CORPORATION and Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.